BlackBerry Z3

The first Foxconn built device from BlackBerry - the Z3 - went on sale in Indonesia a short while back and I thought it was worth asking the question to the people the county if the new low cost handset was their first BlackBerry.

Taking a look at the results - things are looking good from where I'm sitting. That is if we take into account that hopefully only people in Indonesia actually voted in the poll. I'm sure a few votes from other countries slipped in which is a shame.

Anyway, what's encouraging is that not only did most people answer that the Z3 was their first BlackBerry, but just behind them are legacy BlackBerry users that have made the move to BlackBerry 10 with the new device. In addition, 12.5% of voters still hadn't made their minds up about joining us on BlackBerry 10 from another operating system - there must be folk out there that can see the benefits of using BlackBerry but just haven't been tipped over the edge yet to make the commitment.

We're not sure on how many Z3's have been sold so far in Indonesia, and even though stock ran dry it still doesn't give us an indication of figures, but as the device rolls out to other countries around the world later this year and with a 4G version I suspect that BlackBerry have made the right move with this latest budget offering. We'll have to wait and see how pricing pans out globally as there is some decent competition out there at the moment in the Android world for not much money.