If you are in the UK and have been waiting eagerly to pick up a BlackBerry Z10 SIM free we bring you good news. This week you can get your new awesome BlackBerry!

I'm told that retailers that sell SIM free smartphones should be receiving their stock in the next few days. Judging by the rate that the Z10 has been flying off the shelves in retail stores you may want to get in quick and place a pre-order as stock levels will probably vary.

While buying SIM free may not be everyones cup of tea it does have its perks. Doing so will allow you to use either Pay As You Go or take advantage of a SIM only contract, which is what I do. While taking out a 24 month contract with a network is what most people do there are options out there. It also gives you the freedom to change handsets whenever you want instead of the dreaded waiting game for your contract to end.

I suspect there will be many happy BlackBerry users at the end of the week. Any of you Brits waiting to go down this route? Sound off in the comments.