Yes, you read that title right.

While we've seen all kinds of photos of the BlackBerry Z10 through the last few months, this one is certainly new to me. Just as we thought that we were running down on "cool" ways to show off the Z10, Ian came through and surprised us. 

A Radiologist by profession, Ian took some down time to send the Z10 and an iPhone 5 on a quick trip under the X-ray. The results are pretty cool as we get an amazing look at the innards of both devices. If you examine the Z10, you can see the obviously large battery, speaker, camera, buttons, ports and all the other internal goodies. It's almost like a game of spot-the-component.

Fear not - the Z10 is still working just fine.

This just leaves us wondering what's left for the Z10 on camera now that we've seen it both inside and out!