I know some people out there (*cough* Phil Nickinson *cough*) are not fans of tech unboxing videos, but I am. I love the box.. err... I mean boxes. All my life I tend to hold onto the boxes of anything I buy - shoes, watches, sunglasses... and of course smartphones.

When it came time to receive our review unit of the BlackBerry Z10, the fine folks at BlackBerry treated us well. The review units came in a beautiful box. So we gave the Z10 the royal unboxing treatment as you will see in the video above.

Take note - retail packaging does and will differ from this, as will what's included in the box. As the BlackBerry Z10 rolls out on different carriers around the world, we'll be unboxing this baby many times over just to see what each carrier does differently on it. In the meantime, enjoy our first CrackBerry unboxing of the BlackBerry Z10. Then head over to our BlackBerry Z10 Review for more info.