UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has slashed the price of the BlackBerry Z10 if you fancy buying it outright without a contract. The all touch BlackBerry 10 device is now only £259.95 - down from £379.95. That's one heck of a discount!

Why Carphone Warehouse are doing this is anyones guess. It could be that sales have not been the greatest or on the other hand they may just well be having a purge on shifting some stock. Either way, if you fancy picking up a top of the range BlackBerry and going down the SIM only route or PAYG this one is a steal at that price. 

With UK networks getting more and more competitive on Pay-As-You-Go and SIM only deals this could well be the perfect time for you to make the switch. Sure, 24 month contracts avoid the upfront cost, but over that two year period things can work out cheaper by looking at other options. In addition you have the freedom to change handsets whenever you want (or can afford) to. Choice is always good. Thanks for the tip Shane. 

Order the BlackBerry Z10 from Carphone Warehouse

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