So here's the deal. Adam and I recorded a video back on April 30th debating the much asked BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10? question. I was planning to get my BIGGER write up done within a few days and then post this "vodcast" as part of that longer editorial. For a bunch of reasons, it's taking a little while for me to get that write up finished up. I know a lot of you are waiting for that post, and I feel bad leaving you guys and gals hanging, so in the meantime I'm posting the video. And I'll follow up soon with the detailed write up (and maybe even another video based on where my feelings are at after another week or two of use with both phones).

Part of the delay honestly is that I just can't freak'n decide which of the two phones I personally prefer. That's NEVER been a problem for me before in the world of BlackBerry. I always know which BB I want to rock. Between the Z10 and Q10, for me there's no obvious winner. I can use both equally well, and each phone has their benefits in different conditions. For those who don't want a full touchscreen phone and prefer a physical keyboard, the Q10 is the obvious decision. But for those who like a big touchscreen phone, then the Q10 decision gets really, really hard. I LOVE the Z10. But the Q10 just has that BlackBerry look and feel that so many of us love so much. It's tough.

Anyway, watch the video above. It'll give you a framework for helping you to make your own Z10 vs. Q10 decision. And I'll be back sooner rather than later with a longer write up. Enjoy the show!