BlackBerry Z10 Back

It's T-Mobile Tuesday! The BlackBerry Z10 is finally available on T-Mobile in the US, so if you haven't already, head out to your local store or order one up online. Paired up with a Simple Choice plan, the Z10 will run you $99 down and $18 for 24 months, or $531.99 outright. The pricing is pretty much on par with other carriers across the board so far. 

This only leaves Verizon users waiting a few more days to get their hands on a Z10 - but hey, they do get that sweet white version right? 

If you're on T-Mobile and picked up a device today, be sure to drop a comment letting us know. And if you happen to be in the NYC area - head over to the T-Mobile store at 34th and 6th this morning to say hi to Kevin and Bla1ze.

Buy the BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile

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