It's not at all uncommon to see product placement in TV sitcoms -- if you've ever watched Hawaii Five-0 you know this all too well. Everything from cars to computers to soft drinks get dropped into television shows. We've seen BlackBerry put to use in shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs in the past, and while we expected to see the BlackBerry Z10 pop up in a sitcom at some point, but we never thought it would be this soon.

BlackBerry fans all over caught a glimpse Tim Allen using the the Z10 on ABC's Last Man Standing this week. It was a bit hard to spot at first, but a little freeze-frame action shows off those unmistakable flying B's leaving no doubt that it's a Z10. We'll certainly see the Z10 (and hopefully the Q10 down the road) make plenty more appearances on TV and in movies. Check out some shots from the episode in the gallery above.

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