BlackBerry 10 is just about two weeks off at this point but leaks are still popping up all over. The latest comes in the form of this hands-on video from Germany (or Austria - I'm not good with foreign languages). We get a pretty good all-around look at the BlackBerry Z10 in this one. The video shows off the device itself as well as the OS and native apps like the clock and BlackBerry Hub. There really isn't too much that we haven't seen before, but it's always good to get another scope at what's in store for us on launch day.

The video offers a good overview of the basic OS, but we can say that it's probably not the final version of the software, so expect some surprises to be included. There is much that RIM has kept well under wraps so hopefully we'll be surprised at the launch event at the end of the month. There will be plenty of announcements regarding hardware, carriers and apps at the event and we can't wait to take it all in. For now, keep the leaks coming :-) 

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