If you are in the US and waiting eagerly for the BlackBerry Z10 to be released by the major carriers, it would appear that you may in fact be able to get your hands on the new BlackBerry 10 device sooner than expected from a small carrier named Solavei. The word on the street is that the Blackberry Z10 will be available from them starting Monday with devices being delivered Wednesday. Solavei is not a carrier I am familiar with but it seems they offer contract free deals with unlimited voice, text and data plan for $49 a month. Sounds good to me but you will need to check if you can get coverage before signing up with them.

The fun doesn't come without a price as the Z10 from Solavei will set you back about $999 without a contract.

Have any of our CrackBerry readers had experience with Solavei? Is this a good deal or will you wait for the big guns? Sound off in the comments!

Check out the Solavie Z10 deal here