One of the first cases we picked up during the BlackBerry Z10 launch in Toronto was Case-Mate's real wood cases. These are two-piece cases with Rosewood, Zebrawood, or brushed aluminum backing, plus silicon inner lining for a smidgen of impact protection.

Despite the metallic finish, the casing itself is plastic. This is kind of a disappointing contrast to the premium feeling of the rear of the case. The bottom rear band is real aluminum and glints nicely, it's just too bad that it wasn't extended all the way around the Z10. 

This case itself adds a fair bit of thickness to the BlackBerry Z10. One nice side-effect of the added thickness is that you can now balance your Z10 on any of its sides. This is perfect for impromptu video viewing and standless bedside situations, though makes the phone slightly less pocketable. 

The top frame adds a heavy rim around the display, which is perfect for additional protection, while the inside of the case has a silicon layer to provide some impact protection to the rear.

The mechanism which attaches the two halves has a clever dual-locking system, so there are alternating clips on the top part and the bottom part. This makes the join very secure, which is good news for those times you drop your device and don't want the case to disengage. On the flipside, it makes removing your BlackBerry Z10 a little tricky. 

Case-Mate real wood case for the BlackBerry Z10

The buttons and ports are all left open so there is no worry about anything being hard to press or getting stuck which is a nice bonus. Though it could make the case feel unfinished to some, especially given the higher price tag of these cases.

For a case this big, odds are you could get a comparable hybrid alternative with a more shock-absorbent silicon layer, but you aren't grabbing one of these for the protection. You aren't going to find a many (if any) BlackBerry Z10 cases that use premium materials like Case-Mate has here, and for those that value style, these cases are an easy choice.

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