One of my buddies (Jens-Peter) from Denmark decided that his BlackBerry Z10 needed spicing up a bit and as you can see from the image gallery above it looks pretty darn hot.

Jens-Peter had the Z10 shipped to an authorized service provider where it was totally disassembled in an ESD environment. He wasn't 100% happy with the final results as the volume keys, speakerphone and a few internal electronics are an integrated part of the frame so they remain original.

The paint job was done by Michael from Custom Colours. He carefully used masking tape to cover the essential parts as well as the back cover before starting work on the transformation. Jens-Peter wanted a silver color which wasn't too sparkling but also not too boring. 

So what do you think of the final result?

It looks beautiful to me. He is also considering transforming a white Z10 with sparkling gold. Should he? Sound of in the comments where I'm sure Jens-Peter will be able to answer any questions you may have.

And if you are attending BlackBerry Live in Orlando watch out for his sparkling silver edition - he will be there loud and proud!