BlackBerry Z10 - Black or White

Earlier this year at BlackBerry World, I bumped into Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins during the opening reception party and we met for the first time. We chatted for about ten minutes on a variety of topics, and as we were about to part ways I begged one thing from him. 

I begged Thorsten to make sure when the first BlackBerry 10 phone comes to market, that it's available in both black and white from launch. I expressed my frustration that how over my many years of loving BlackBerry Smartphones that it's always been painful to have to wait for months before a model becomes available in white. 

It's been a while since I've thought about color choices -- I just want BlackBerry 10 to come to market already -- but with the newly-leaked image above reporting that the L-Series BB10 phone will hit the market as the BlackBerry Z10 and will be available in both black and white, I'm thinking color choices again.

Based on recent photos and videos that have hit the webz, I have to say the BlackBerry Z10 in BLACK is looking mighty, mighty hot. But white. Ahh, how I love BlackBerry Smartphones in white. What to do. I'm torn. So it's time to vote. If you had to pick just ONE color to have a BlackBerry Z10 in, what would it be? Black? Or white? VOTE!