BlackBerry Z10 Transform shell

We've seen a lot of BlackBerry-branded Z10 cases, but not much in the way of charging docks. One of our fine forum members spotted an unannounced charging dock in some documentation for the Transform Shell pictured above. Our British friends have a quick hands-on video with this stylish number.  

No doubt third parties will step in at some point with bedside docks, but without charging contacts, it's looking like the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 won't be enjoying the old pod style anymore. Side-charging docks aren't bad for all-touchscreen devices, but it's hard to imagine a design that would work well for the Q10. Hopefully BlackBerry will surprise us.  

Now, it's worth noting that while I was unpacking the Transform Shell cases, there was a little insert of similar size to the one posted in the forums, but I don't remember seeing the graphic for the dock in there. To be fair, I was mostly a kid in a candy shop made of plastic cases at that point, so it could very well have been overlooked. 

How many of you are using charging docks right now? 

BlackBerry Z10 case document