We see plenty of cool BlackBerry cases come to fruition, but on the same note there are equally as many that never see the light of day. One such concept that I would love to see hit the street is an awesome "peek holster" design for the BlackBerry Z10

Steve Purvey, a design intern for BlackBerry UK, has come up with this awesome holster design that not only lets you see the LED with the case on, but also has a side cutout so you can view your notifications without removing the case. You can keep the case on your Z10 and just tap the lock button to view notifications - it's as simple as that. 

According to the concept design the holster would be available in a variety of colors and even had a 3D-printed BlackBerry logo adorning the front. Check out the slides in the gallery above for more. 

So what say you - would you want to see this case on your Z10? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks Corbu!