We're excited to see all the great ways BlackBerry fans put their new BlackBerry Z10 to good use, and Michael has one of the coolest uses yet. He fired up his new white Z10 Stormtrooper in his VW Beetle and noticed something cool about the Bluetooth integration. Not only can the Z10 perfectly sync up with the in-car system, but you can also tweak things a bit for direct access to the voice control features on BlackBerry 10.

Michael noticed a BlackBerry Voice Control name listed in his contacts, and after some playing around, dropped the assinged number into the voicemail slot on his VW's system. So by pressing the voicemail button, he gains instant access to voice control on his BlackBerry Z10 and can fire off emails, SMS or BBMs with ease. Almost makes me want to get a new car so I can try this out for myself! Check out the video above to see it in action.