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*UPDATE* - Another image has now been found on Picasa as well. Thanks, Alex!

Normally, I wouldn't write a post like this up since we'll be doing our own testing soon enough, but as BlackBerry 10 news is spreading, there have been a lot of folks wondering how well the camera works on what will end up being the first BlackBerry 10 device off the line -- the Z10. We've seen some test shots here and there along with some video samples and things are looking good. Now, some new images found on Flickr offer up a further look at how the camera quality will be on the device.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the photos isn't that the EXIF data says RIM BlackBerry Z10, it's that they all appear to be filtered in some way. As we showed you quite a while back, there was a photo editor that was being worked on, and in showing that we were also able to show off some of the frames and filters that were being added. Since then, we've not seen that app running anywhere, but one of the other images uploaded on January 13th is in fact making use of one of those frames from that photo editor. 

Source: Flickr via: @evleaks