With BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 getting a confirmed launch date in Australia - BlackBerry are making the most of local developers and have let us know that the good folk from 'Down Under' will be able to access some great new regional content from Blackberry World. Is it me or are BlackBerry doing absolutely everything right?

Some of the released, and announced, apps for BlackBerry 10 by Australian developers include:

  • THE ICONIC: Australia and NZ’s premier online fashion retailer 
  • Hotels Combined: A hotel search app that finds the best deals from hundreds of sites at once 
  • AHL/Event Cinemas: The ability to find movie sessions and make bookings
  • TripView: Displays Sydney Train/Bus/Ferry timetable data on your phone
  • goCatch: Connects taxi drivers directly with passengers
  • Clipp: Open, view, share & pay your Tab 
  • FoxSports: Sports news, statistics and on-demand video from Australia’s leading sports broadcaster
  • Virgin Australia: Enabling users to find flight specials on the airline 
  • Feather Duster: A “Tweet visualiser” by Conduct, which demonstrates the use of big data