If you happen to be running a leaked build of BlackBerry 10.3 or the developer release, you'll want to check out BlackBerry World as there's a new update pushing through currently. Listed as v5.1.0.53, the update is noted to cover the usual bug fixes that every update gets but it also adds in more support for upcoming devices such as the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic.

  • Micro carousel update on content home pages.
  • Image display enhancements for higher resolution devices
  • Addition of recently viewed and bookmarks on Search page
  • Updated support for future device form factors
  • Search performance enhancements

That covers what's in the change log but looking at the app, there's a few visual changes as well to make it more in line with 10.3. Again, for now it only appears to be showing on devices running BlackBerry OS 10.3 builds so if you're on something less than you won't be seeing the update. However, the update will eventually be available to everyone as 10.3 rolls out, plus there's a chance the BAR file will appear.

UPDATE - And of course, right after I post it being only available on 10.3, it starts appearing on 10.2.x releases. Mostly everyone should be able to grab it now though clearly it's still filtering through. It should be noted, if you're using a 10.3 leak the update appears to cause crashing so you should be on an official OS release if you wish to take the update. If you're having issues on 10.2.1, see the comments for a fix.