BlackBerry World Recovery Tool

Every now and then in the CrackBerry Forums, I see posts from folks having issues with BlackBerry World. For the most part, the issues are easily resolved by reboot or simple refresh of BlackBerry World or just simply waiting it out if it's a known issue but in some rare cases, BlackBerry World simply refuses to load no matter what measures are taken with errors ranging from 'You must upgrade your BlackBerry World' to 'Unable to connect. Please try again later'.

In those cases, a reinstallation of BlackBerry World is often the solution to get things back up and running smoothly, but what's the best way to do that? One could dig the .BAR file out of a previous leaked OS and install it using something like Sachesi but that's shall we say, not really user-friendly, right? One wouldn't expect most people to take that route, so there has to be an easier way, right? Luckily, there is.

It's called the BlackBerry World Recovery Tool and it's available as a download from the BlackBerry site. Should you ever have issues with BlackBerry World not loading on your device and it's not a case of scheduled maintenance or network connectivity, it could be the key to getting BlackBerry World up and running for you once again. So what does it do? Well, as BlackBerry puts it.

This tool is provided as a means to recover a non-functional BlackBerry World (BBW) application/client on any BB10 device (OS version 10.0.x, 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.x). This tool can only be executed from a Windows PC (MAC not supported) and your BB10 device must be plugged into this PC via USB. Upon execution, the tool will detect the BB10 Device OS you are running, automatically deliver the appropriate BBW version for that OS and do a force installation of this BBW version over any (presumed non-functional) BBW application that may or may not be present on the device. After successful execution of this tool, you should then be able to immediately launch and use the BBW client.

Once you have the app downloaded, all you need to do is connect your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the computer via a USB cable and run the recovery tool and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the install. After that, you'll have the latest version of BlackBerry World for your specific device/OS installed and things should run tip-top for you. In an ideal world, such a tool wouldn't need to exist, but it's nice to know that one does should issues arise.

Now tell the truth, how many of you even knew this tool existed? Because I certainly didn't know, even though it has been around for quite a long time apparently.

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h/t: Scullcy