BlackBerry 10 users choose BlackBerry World over the Android alternatives

Last week we ran a poll where we asked "Where do you go first to look for apps? BlackBerry World or an Android store?" To be honest I was expecting the results to be an even mix for various reasons, but how wrong I was, as you'll see below.

Roaring into the lead with nearly 83% of the votes was BlackBerry World. Considering all the fuss that was made by us BlackBerry 10 users prior to having open access to Android APK's, it should be reassuring to BlackBerry that users still find BBW the first port of call, even if the new content is not flowing as fast as it once did.

Still, judging from some of the comments on the original poll, while BlackBerry World is their first stop when looking for apps, there's a good amount folks who don't mind looking elsewhere for apps if what they're looking for is not available through BlackBerry World. It's just that those other places are not their first choice.