Gamepad compatibility for games on BlackBerry 10 has been available to developers for a while now and there's already several games that support the option in BlackBerry World. The problem with that previously, though, was that unless the developer stated it in their app description no one would know whether or not gamepads were supported. 

That's no longer a problem any more as a server side change to BlackBerry World has introduced a new 'Gamepad Compatible' section. If you open up BlackBerry World right now on a BlackBerry 10 device and head into the Games section, at the very bottom you'll see games such as Shadow Gun, Critical Wave, Neverball are already listed but that list will continue to grow as well.

This is something that has been a long time coming, so I'm glad to finally see it appearing there. If you're shopping for a compatible with BlackBerry 10 gamepad, be sure to check our listed of ones that are supported.