Check out BlackBerry 10's flow UI, the new *awesome* touchscreen keyboard and get a look at the killer camera app with time warp-like functionality

Here ya go CrackBerry Nation, the ten minutes of BlackBerry 10 gold that were delivered during the BlackBerry World keynote. I know you've been waiting for this so will hit publish now.... and we'll do a deeper dive soon into everything that was shown off bit by bit. Enjoy the show. LOTS more coverage to come from CrackBerry!

* NOTE: We kind of screwed up recording this one and only caught the video feed showing off the display (we missed capturing the second video feed that showing Vivek's hands actually on the device). It's not the ideal video as seeing those gestures is what reall makes it. We're sure RIM will be posting the full keynote later, so we'll be sure to post more when we have it. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll love seeing this.  BB10 FTW!  *