I had a fun Saturday night. My fiancée Erika and I had friends over. Dinner was excellent and the wine was good. We all ate way too much - the only thing we could physically do after dinner was park ourselves in front of the television, where (luckily) there was no shortage of back-to-back sporting events to take in.

We watched the Winnipeg Jets vs. Maple Leafs hockey game (Go Jets Go!!). After that, we rented the UFC Pay-Per-View fight. My friends went home to bed after GSP gave Nick Diaz a beat down, but Erika and I stayed up a little longer to take in the first Formula 1 race of the year. With BlackBerry now sponsoring Mercedes I cheered for Lewis Hamilton to win, while Erika hoped for her favorite Kimi Räikkönen to win. Never bet against your better half - Kimi ended taking the podium while Hamilton finished 5th. Overall it was still a great debut for BlackBerry in Formula 1.

It was a fun Saturday night and I went to bed with a big smile on my face. The smile was for more than the entertaining evening though - it was also for the fact that on this Saturday night, BlackBerry delivered 100% on the apps front. As the evening unwound, I hit up BlackBerry World on my Z10 and grabbed the official app for each sport as we took in the action. NHL GameCenter, UFC and the F1 2013 Timing App were all there, and they were all really well-executed apps. 

On this Saturday night, BlackBerry delivered 100% on the apps front

While GameCenter and UFC.tv were both free, the F1 app rang in with a price of $29.99 (it's actually $34 for iOS). Expensive, but honestly, if you're a fan of Formula 1 it is completely worth it. It actually makes watching F1 more fun. You can see where the cars are at while the tv stops for commercial breaks, and there is just so much more data at your finger tips. This app is expensive on every platform, but it really runs smooth on BB10. I completely recommend it.

Yes, there is still work for BlackBerry to do in bringing more apps onto BlackBerry 10, and everybody has their own list of the big name app titles they want to see hit first, but on this evening I was not left for wanting. And having all the apps I wanted made me really, really happy. I want to have that same feeling every day.

With BlackBerry Z10 sales seemingly off to a solid start and the phone about to make its debut in the USA, I really hope we see this BlackBerry 10 app momentum continue. I'm sure BlackBerry is doing everything they can on their end to make it happen. And beyond BlackBerry, I really hope the big name apps that have not yet embraced BB10 come around, and do so quickly. Now is the time to get it done.