While the majority of us take BlackBerry World for granted it seems that there are still some places that have been left behind. Great news this weekend for the good people of Oman, as BlackBerry World is now open for business. With over 2000 apps available in Arabic the nation will certainly benefit from joining the rest of us enjoying our favourite applications.

BlackBerry 10 has not yet made its way to Oman so the addition of BlackBerry World is for devices running BlackBerry 7 and earlier - still great news for the region.

You can catch the full release below:

[Muscat, Oman] - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced the availability of the BlackBerry App WorldTM storefront for customers in Oman. The storefront, which will be branded BlackBerry® WorldTM from February 14, will be available for customers on the Omantel and Navras networks, giving customers access to exciting games and a wide range of apps that can add value to their BlackBerry smartphone experience.
Customers with a BlackBerry® 7 (and earlier) smartphone will have a selection of over 100,000 apps including more than 2,000 apps in Arabic.

"We are excited to bring BlackBerry World to Oman and provide our customers with access to innovative and exciting content. Our developer partners in the Middle East are creating new apps every month for BlackBerry smartphones, and we are committed to working with local developers to create a strong pipeline of locally relevant apps for our customers here," said Chris Corsi, Country Director, Oman, Pakistan, UAE at BlackBerry.

Some key features of BlackBerry World include:
·         Front Page Carousel - BlackBerry World showcases several applications on its front page carousel, making it easy for customers to browse through a select number of featured applications. These applications vary from time to time, helping customers discover new applications.
·         Reviews - In addition to seeing screenshots and reading a description of an application before they download it, customers can easily access and read reviews posted by other customers, which are reflected in star ratings.
·         Share - Customers can recommend applications to other people through email, PIN, SMS message, Facebook, Twitter or BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM).
·         Update Notifications: Customers are notified of updates to applications they've downloaded.
Some free apps on BlackBerry World include:
·         Call To Pray - by Asgatech, is an app that displays Muslim prayer times and reminders. It also calculates Qibla (direction of Mecca) based on the customer's current location using GPS.
·         Arabic Radio - one of the biggest Arabic social portals, giving BlackBerry customers the pleasure of listening to music, television, and readings of the Qu'ran.
·         Arabic Food - by Asgatech, is a step by step Arabic food recipe app, providing ingredients, cooking rules and healthy eating tips, all supported by tantalizing photos.
·         Qordoba Reader - start reading free and affordable Arabic eBooks in ePub format. All purchases sync with the customer's online bookshelf at and on their BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry World is available for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher. Customers can download BlackBerry World directly to their smartphone by visiting or, over Wi-Fi or their mobile phone network.