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BlackBerry World 2011 is now behind us and what a week it was. Adam, Bla1ze and I made it home from Orlando and we are exhausted. But before catching up on some Zzzz's we first recorded our BlackBerry World Super Duper Roundup Podcast which you can listen to here or download on your BlackBerry PlayBook or Smartphone via the Podcasts app. We want to see this episode be the most downloaded in the BB Podcasts app, so be sure to subscribe to us there and download. 

In this show we cover all of the news coming out of BlackBerry World 2011, including the newly announced BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 as well as all of the PlayBook-related news and announcements and much, much, much more. It's DEFINITELY A MUST LISTEN PODCAST. For more info on any one topic, be sure to check out the posts at the links below or click here to see all BlackBerry World 2011 news. Enjoy the show and be sure to drop us a comment!

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BlackBerry World 2011 Link Roundup

in no particular order...

Video Demo of Wikitude's Augmented Reality Browser
How to turn your website into a BlackBerry PlayBook App with the WebWorks SDK
Twitter for BlackBerry reaches v2.0 - Available at the BlackBerry Beta Zone
Cars @ BlackBerry World: Jaguar w/ BlackBerry Integration and QNX Concept Corvette
New Demo Video Showing off the Android App Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook!
Video Demo of Multiplayer Quake III Action on the BlackBerry PlayBook
Talking App Development with Chris Smith and Mike Kirkup of Research In Motion
BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Video Chat
How the technology behind TATs apps will be implemented on the PlayBook
Angry Birds confirmed coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook
Android Apps Running on the BlackBerry PlayBook via the Android App Player
BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email and PIM Video Demo
Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available
BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Hardware and BlackBerry 7 Walkthrough!
Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available!
BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Hands-On Video and First Impressions
BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Officially Announced!

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