The biggest device in the rumor mill at this point has to be the BlackBerry Windermere (AKA Q30). It's all but official at this point — having shown up in various places now more than a few times. The Windermere will be sporting a big 4.5" 1440x1440 display, and that means tons of room on the homescreen for not only apps, but also Active Frames.

Windermere with 8 Active Frames

The Windermere will show 8 Active Frames in total on one screen — 4 full-size and 4 half-size. Whether you'll still be able to scroll to a second page, or change the Active Frame settings, we're not quite sure.

Windermere Active Frames

A cleaner look at 3 Active Frames across the Windermere screen. As you can see, the screen is much wider and thus allows for 3 frames across rather than just 2. More Active Frames means better productivity — so bring it on!

Windermere Homescreen Icons

With the 1440x1440 display, the homescreen icons now stretch 5-wide, meaning a total of 20 icons on the homescreen. This matches up with the Z30 (4 icons with 5 rows) so not a drastic change, but still plenty of room for all of your most-used apps.

Windermere Quick Settings

There will be lots of room to navigate on the WIndermere, and here we get a nice look at the quick settings dropdown. A big change from the cramped screen of the Q5 & Q10.

Where current BlackBerry 10 devices allow for 8 Active Frames across two screens (by scrolling down), it appears as if Windermere may actually allow for 8 on one screen. These images were posted to the CrackBerry forums and show how the added screen space makes it easy to pack in some extra frames, and the Windermere does so by having 4 full-size and 4 half-size Active Frames on one page — pretty nifty.

Just one of the many new features we can expect when the long-rumored BlackBerry Windermere arrives (hopefully) later this year.

Are more Active Frames awesome? Or too much? Sound off in the comments!