BlackBerry will operate in Pakistan

BlackBerry won't be pulling out of Pakistan after all. The local government has rescinded its shutdown order and dropped its request for access to BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) email and messaging content. A new post from Marty Beard, BlackBerry's Chief Operating Officer, revealed that the two reached an agreement, and that the Pakistani government was able to accept BlackBerry's position on security.

We are grateful to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Pakistani government for accepting BlackBerry's position that we cannot provide the content of our customers' BES traffic, nor will we provide any so-called backdoors to our BES servers.

BlackBerry looks forward to serving the Pakistani market for years to come, including introducing new products and services, and thanks our valued customers in Pakistan for their patience and loyalty.

Security is something that BlackBerry values, and it is good to see the company stand firm on its beliefs. BlackBerry says it is willing to assist law enforcement agencies in investigations of criminal activities, but the company is not about handing out back door access to its private information.

Source: BlackBerry