Blackberry WebKit Browser caught on video doing Android, iPhone comparison!

*UPDATE* - Did anyone else happen to notice the "death grip" coming into play on this video? I hadn't fully watched it the first time around so I went back and it looks like the 9800 does show some signs. Granted it is pre-release but, these things are now going to be looked at more carefully*

Salomondrin has some new videos up. If you want to get a quick look at the BlackBerry WebKit browser going head to head against the browsers of Android and iPhone then you'll want to check out the video after the break. Salomondrin also posted some details regarding the Acid3 tests and how the devices compare there. One thing to note about the Acid3 test however, is that they often seem to vary so take from it what you will. Hit the video after the break, leave some comments on the post and let us know your thoughts. 

Source: Salomondrin