BlackBerry Web Shortcuts

How many times have you opened your browser, gone through your bookmarks, waited for your page to load and thought "Hey, I wish there was an easier way."  Well there is.  A great app that has been around for quite some time - Blackberry Web Shortcuts.

The recently updated app lets you create up to ten shortcuts in icon form to place on your device's home page as you please - much in the fashion of our own Shortcut.  The previous version was somewhat bulky and not very user friendly.  It allowed up to four shortcuts but PNG icons had to be drawn from the web before loading each time.  Now the icons are stored on your media card in PNG form and installation and updating of shortcuts is much easier.  A simple tweak of the included XML file lets you place your own shortcuts, titles and icons on your BlackBerry's homescreen for your favorite sites.

The usage is as easy as it comes:

1. Create a directory in the root of your media card called 'shortcut':

/Media Card/shortcut/

2. Extract the zip and put the config.xml file in the directory once you've set it up, for each shortcut you use put the url to link to and the title for the shortcut app:

<title1>BBC News</title1>

3. Place a png in the directory for each shortcut titled in the format:

/Media Card/shortcut/shortcut1.png

Thats all there is to it.  Whats best is that it is 100% free.  The app is unsupported (due to the free nature) and there is no OTA install. 

  • Download BlackBerry Shortcuts (zip format) >>

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