BlackBerry WalletIt looks like there's a new FREE app available OTA from BlackBerry called 'BlackBerry Wallet'. It lets you store owner info, credit cards, gift cards, shipping addresses and more for easy access when you need them. Looks like it works much better than the password manager to me.

Official verbiage from RIM:

"BlackBerry® Wallet has been designed to make shopping on your BlackBerry® smartphone faster and easier. It lets you use information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with credit card, reward program and shipping information...

Simply switch to the BlackBerry Wallet when you’re ready to make a purchase. Enter your password, and populate your credit card information, delivery details and more...

Your credit card and shipping information are your business. For your protection, not even you can use your BlackBerry Wallet without entering a password. It’s also AES encrypted, so you can be sure your data is secure..."

You can download this handy app OTA at 

I'll be covering this in Friday's Software Roundup as well, so stay tuned for more info on this one.

Note: I've been reading on the web that some are having issues trying to run this app on the 8830. Please report any issues you have with this one, and what device you are using so that I can report on it within the roundup. Now I'm off to install on my 8800 :)

Thanks to Ronen for the heads up.

Update for Verizon Users: Go to the verizon homepage on your BB and choose BB help, from the BB help screen where they have the BB wallet listed. Choose that in order to download OTA. Thanks ronepley!

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