Klout BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android

Klout is the standard of influence, as it itself suggests. If you don’t know about Klout, then Klout doesn’t know you.In a nutshell is a well-known one stop shop for measuring your online social influence. It “uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Score”.

Klout recently pitted iPhone and Android against each other in a no holds barred Klout showdown. They compared the average Klout scores of both iPhone and Android influencers. After the smoke cleared, iPhone came out on top with a 42.0 to 40.6 win. So where does BlackBerry come into play? Klout was later asked to throw BlackBerry into the mix. From the onslaught rose a new champion…BlackBerry (in typical RIMPIRE Strikes Back fashion) emerged with a Klout score of 43.6!! I guess the real movers and shakers are BlackBerry users- don’t doubt the Klout.

I guess you can thank influencers like Kevin with his Klout score of 64; the Force is strong with this one. Mine is only 34.5, hmm I guess I have some work to do…

Source: The Official Klout blog

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