BlackBerry Virtual Expert updated with support for the BlackBerry Z3

The BlackBerry Virtual Expert app is not one that is often talked about but it's pretty useful. If you haven't heard of it, it's an app created by BlackBerry that lets you diagnose any device issues you may have. From port problems, sensor issues, microphone, speaker and many more. You can carry specific tests or run a full diagnostic test to make sure everything is running fine. I found it very useful recently as I discovered that the proximity sensor on my device was not working.

This latest update doesn't bring much. The changelog just states that it includes bug fixes and support for the upcoming BlackBerry Z3, due to launch in Indonesia towards the end of April. As we get closer to the launch, I would expect to see more apps from BlackBerry get Z3 support.

BlackBerry Virtual Expert isn't just for BlackBerry 10 devices either, it's available for most legacy devices too. If you haven't given it a try, download it today and check the health of your BlackBerry device.

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