*Update* As noted in the comments, the app is actually available for legacy devices as well, doh! Silly BlackBerry World shows BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher on the web but then lists legacy devices below it, so it's reasonable to say it would be for the Torch line. Ahh well, still hope there is a slider out there somewhere for all those asking.

With BlackBerry 10 having been on the market essentially since January, we've seen quite a few devices released. First came the Z10, then the Q10 then of course the Q5 and finally, the BlackBerry Z30 and throughout it all, we've been hearing from many folks that they also want a BlackBerry 10 slider to be released.

There has been claims that one exists and people have seen it and while nothing has ever come from it as of yet, we're once again hearing that there's certainly one out there but it's only for internal testing and use. We're going to add a little fuel to the fire though because something was recently spotted in the description for an official BlackBerry app. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert:

Here is a sampling of the current tests, customized to your BlackBerry model:  - Touch Screen - LCD - USB port - Main Keypad - Keyboard - Side keys - Slider (for those with a slider) - Camera - Speaker - Loudspeaker - Headset - Microphone - Vibrator - Bluetooth - Status LED 

Do you see it? You can test the slider function on your BlackBerry 10 device for those of you who have one. Really? Who would have one, if one supposedly doesn't exist? Obviously it could just be a mistake in the wording but that seems like an awful weird mistake to make. We'll just have to leave at that since right now we don't have much else to go on but it sure piques my interest.