The hits just keep coming

BlackBerry 'Venice' slider device demo video leaks out


As most folks should know from all of the previous leaks in the past, BlackBerry often includes videos on devices as tools for help (how to insert SIM) and often to showcase features available (Time Shift) and it looks as though one of those videos has possibly escaped from the upcoming BlackBerry 'Venice' slider.

As posted up by @evleaks, the new video offers up another look at the slider keyboard as well, shows the camera components and offers a slight glimpse at the sliding mechanism. All in all, it's mostly stuff previously leaked, but as @evleaks put it, it's eye candy for sure. One odd thing that stands out, the video looks to show two devices next to each other. Maybe there's something to the rumors of it coming in an Android and BlackBerry 10 version.

UPDATE - Another video has been added, showing off the device opening. The Tweet associated with it should prevent some folks from screaming 'Photoshop' and 'Fake'.