BlackBerry Venice

Now that the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition has been released, we were rather hoping we would all start to hear more about the upcoming slider from BlackBerry otherwise known as Venice and that indeed seems to be the case. We've managed to get our hands on some renders of the device, not unlike those previously released when the Venice was noted to be running Android instead of BlackBerry 10 and headed for AT&T and most recently T-Mobile.

BlackBerry 'Venice' renders show off the camera, Hub for Android and more!

In the first image, we get a bit of a look at what the BlackBerry Hub will presumably look like when being ran on Android. Alongside the Slider announcement back in March at Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry announced their cross-platform strategy with BlackBerry Experience Suite and briefly showed a small glimpse of this off, which this image certainly lines up with.

BlackBerry 'Venice' renders show off 18MP camera

Initially rumored specs for the BlackBerry Venice called for the device to be packing an 18MP camera with OIS and if the render here is accurate, that sure looks to be the case. One other notable from this rather simple image showing the breakdown of the camera layers, is the that the device will bring along with it the same glass weave pattern found on the BlackBerry Z30 and possibly a stainless steel frame.

BlackBerry 'Venice'

One last one that is sure to fuel the Android rumors even further. As every BlackBerry 10 user will know, BlackBerry 10 has no access to using Google Chromecast. Sure, there's some third-party apps that can get some of the stuff working such as YouTube videos but Chromecast support is largely off the tables for BlackBerry 10 users. In this image, although it's pretty basic, it would seem as though like every other Android device the Venice will have Chromecast access.

With these images out there, I do have to make the usual notes. These are presumably internal renders and as such, they can't be 100% confirmed. Until BlackBerry gets around to commenting on the Venice slider, all of this should be considered rumors. Very interesting rumors mind you, but still rumors at best.

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