BlackBerry Concept device
Source: @chauhanstudio on Instagram

If you're looking for a bit of retro design to fill your day, here you go! Check out the BlackBerry 'Uracco' concept. Straying from the usual concept design of throwing everything possible in the mix, the Uracco sticks to the basics and builds off of older BlackBerry smartphone designs available at the time.

Given it was envisioned ten years ago, it has a very BlackBerry Curve look to it overall, right down to the color, and I'm digging it. Those angles look perfect for the device to be cradled in your hand without getting fatigued, and for the time, it really would have stood out in a crowd.

There's something about seeing older BlackBerry smartphones remixed that I like, and I'm always left wondering how many great designs were put together in Waterloo and elsewhere that we never got to see. What do you all think about the Uracco? If it was sold back in the day, would it have been something you were interested in? Let me know in the comments.

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