BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10

That might seem like an obvious statement but alas, many folks have been wondering. As it turns out, the designs for BlackBerry Travel on BlackBerry 10 are already in play and it will presumably launch with BlackBerry 10. User flows, wireframes, interaction models and initial visual designs are available for viewing over at The Attic Column (The portfolio site of Joel Grenier, Director of UX & Ecosystem at YOUi Labs) though, some of the content has been intentionally pixelated so as to not fully reveal what the BlackBerry 10 version will look like.

Despite not being able to see the app entirely, I'm sure a lot of folks will just be happy to know it's being made available. BlackBerry Travel is one of those apps that you never find out how great they are until you use it. And once you use it, you start to wonder how you ever managed to travel without using it. It's certainly one of my favorites to have installed.

Source: The Attic Column, Thanks, @CatlinWells!