It has been a while since the last update to BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 rolled out but it seems BlackBerry has been showing the app some love behind the scenes. A new update is currently filtering through BlackBerry World that, aside from bringing in some bug fixes, also adds additional language support and battery optimizations as well as enhancements to trip scanning. As a fan of the app, I can say the changes are indeed welcome. Here's the full change log as per BlackBerry World:

  • Supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian Bahasa and Portugese (Brazillian) 
  • Improvements to email trip scanning
  • Battery consumption improvements
  • Itinerary items will be added to the default calendar
  • Bug fixes

If you're not seeing the update as of yet, you can check for updates to help it along or preview the app in BlackBerry World and the upgrade might show as available. Oddly, I'm seeing two different versions here. On my BlackBerry Z10, it shows as v3.0.2.5 but online, it shows as v3.1.0.6. Maybe there is different versions for the Z10 vs. Q10? There seems to be a lot of that going around with the Q10 getting higher revisions of apps. New to BlackBerry Travel and need the download link? You'll find it below.

Download BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10