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BlackBerry Traffic

Though just updated about two weeks ago, BlackBerry Beta Zone members can log in and get a new version of BlackBerry Traffic for testing. This update brings the app to v3.0.0.389, and provides several fixes and improvements.

  • *Fixed* Audio guidance directions spoken after user selected “Cancel Destination”
  • *Fixed* “Towards” is pronounced with speaker contracting the “to” instead of “twa”
  • *Fixed* Exit number on road list spoken (when exit number available)
  • *Fixed* “Application not responding” on BlackBerry Storm 9550 SmartPhones
  • *Fixed* Application exiting during a phone call
  • *Fixed* BlackBerry Calendar integration
  • *Improvement* Audio guidance and quality improvements
  • *Improvement* GPS detection improvements

If you're a BlackBerry Traffic user, head on over to the Beta Zone and get your update. If you're not currently a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, now is as good a time as any to get signed up and take advantage of all it has to offer. 

Download the update/get registered in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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