A Step-by-Step Guide Through How the Trade Up Process Works

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Like most, I've seen the RIM announcement that was posted here on CrackBerry about the launch of the device Trade Up program earlier this year. Soon after that we reported that the program had been extended to Canada as well and the truth is, I didn't really spend too much time thinking about this new program.

I soon really started thinking about it when I bought my wife and I our shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9900s. I began pondering  what am I going to do with our 9800s? Did I really want to deal with Craigslist and all the ridiculous emails from people who can't read a frak'n ad with the price listed asking me how much it is? What condition is it in? How much has it been used? Are there any scratches? Will I trade a bag of marbles for it? Will I ship it to Nigeria if they paid an extra $100? I didn't want the hassles, so I wondered how the Trade Up program works.

First thing to do is head over to BlackBerryTradeUp.com and begin the quote process. You will be asked what model BlackBerry you're trading in and what carrier it is branded to. Additional info required:

  • is the device is functional -  yes or no
  • is the device is free of water damage - yes or no
  • is the screen is damaged or broken - yes or no
Next you select the device model you're trading up to and click "Finish Quote" you will than be presented with an offer of what RIM will pay you for your old BlackBerry smartphone.

In this case I'm offered $160 for my Torch.  

Trade Up SS1

If this is acceptable, you can continue with the Trade Up process by providing your email address and accepting the terms and conditions of the Trade Up Program. You than click on "Save Quote" and check your email inbox for a confirmation message with instructions on how to complete the Trade Up. The confirmation message will include a temporary voucher number - keep this handy for when you are ready to complete the process.

The next step is to head out to your local retailer and pickup your new BlackBerry of choice (if you're on AT&T and want a 9900 call someone in another country and ask them to courier you one).

Trade Up SS2

OK so now you've got your new device and wish to complete the Trade Up program and get your money. Head back over to the BlackBerryTradeUp.com site and enter your voucher number in the "Finish Your Trade Up" box. When you click on "Submit" the next page will ask for the IMEI or Serial Number of your new device as well as your physical mailing address information. Click "Next" to proceed to the last page.

Trade Up SS3

Last thing needed is to "Print, Package and Mail" your old BlackBerry. On the final page there will be a link to download a .pdf of the mailing label as well as a copy of your claim sheet which you will need to include in the package so they know who to mail the money to.

Trade Up SS4

That's it! The quote is good for 30 days. Package it up (don't forget to include the quote sheet) and sit back and wait for your money. No need to sift through stupid emails from people on Craigslist who would forget to breathe if it wasn't involuntary. Just quality time with you and your new BlackBerry.

Trade Up SS5

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