House MD

While watching House M.D. last night as part of my lazy Monday night, I was excited to see our good friend the BlackBerry Tour 9630 had a guest spot for most of the show. Right from the start, Lisa Edelstien's character showed she is a true CrackBerry Abuser as her precious Tour rarely left her sight (or her hand for that matter) for most of the show). As her alarm clock rang at 5am (which she should totally scrap for an charging pod and bedside mode combo) she immediately checked her device as any true BlackBerry addict would. Throughout the episode, the stock BlackBerry ringtones made users everywhere check their own devices, not realizing the alerts were actually coming through their TV speakers. I'll admit I looked down once or twice as "Notifier_Contentment" sounded out, thinking it was my Bold 9700. While the Tour was unbranded, it was still good to see a BlackBerry getting great screen time. You can check out the show's intro at Hulu. If you happened to catch the episode, drop a comment and let us know what you thought of "House B.B" :-)