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So you camped out in front of your Sprint or Verizon store Sunday morning to ensure you'd have a shiny new BlackBerry Tour. I made it to my local store an hour or so before they opened and was surprised I was 1 of only 3 "in line." We got to chat with a rep who was shocked there wasn't a gathering of "Storm proportions." We were also told they had 120 units in stock, so you can imagine I was thrilled I got out of bed so early.

I've had the device for a little more than 48 hours and I'm still in love with it. Compared to the 8830, Curve 8330 the device is better in every respect, and the ease and speed of use makes my touchscreen Storm feel slow to use. That said, I do have my complaints, and it seems I'm not alone as other users are reporting various issues here and there as well. As with any new device, a few problems can be expected. From the "screen ripple" or the loose battery cover to the ill-placed USB port, the reports are in and the Tour forums are buzzing with problems, complaints, fixes and also a whole lot of praise. Check out some of these forum threads and weigh in on your first days as a "Tourist".

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