BlackBerry Tour In Photoshoot?!?

* Update from Kevin: This is fun. Scroll down (after the story break) and we have recreated the towel shot with a Curve 8900 and Tour 9630 side by side. It's definitely a Curve 8900 in the photo above (the angle at which the bottom of the phone slopes in is a bit longer/sharper and the keyboard frets are missing - that is a spaced out keyboard) but it's easy to see how it could be confused, especially when the photo is shrunk down and the keyboards are a bit more difficult to distinguish and the towel is covering up a bit of the corner of the phone. *

* Update: D'oh!!! Early morning blogging with no cup of coffee and these things can happen... UPON CLOSER inspection, that's actually a BlackBerry Curve 8900 in the photo. Though from that angle, it's fairly easy to confuse both devices. I guess it's wishful thinking... if you really, really want a 9630 then maybe that's what you see. We'll take a comparison photo and post it here shortly so we can all be educated. *

So we know the BlackBerry Tour is coming and coming soon. For many of us the wait is torture. But with the photo above things just got realllly cruel. In case you're a little distracted, just move your eyes up to the top right corner of the photo above and yes that is a BlackBerry Tour 9630 that has worked its way into an Esquire photoshoot!

The above picture of Bar Refaeli, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was taken for a photo spread done by Esquire Magazine. So there you have it CrackBerry Nation... if you want a BlackBerry Tour prior to launch you just have to become a swimsuit model. Pretty simple, right? Big thanks to CB Member Renzi555 for sending this one is.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 vs. Tour on Towel

BlackBerry Curve 8900 vs. Tour 9630
left: BlackBerry Curve 8900; right: BlackBerry Tour 9630