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The BlackBerry Tour 9630 is slated for release in the next few months from Verizon Wireless. Some BlackBerry Tour accessories are already starting to hit online retailers. As with all devices, we will have a great selection of BlackBerry Tour cases here at 

BlackBerry Tour Case Options

One of the first accessories people buy with their new device is a case, and we have a great selection so you can pick up the perfect BlackBerry Tour case to suit your needs. With our HUGE selection at, you can choose from skins which are inexpensive and offer minimum protection, hard cases to keep your device safe, and leather cases for a more elegant look. If you need to maximize protection, we're sure to have the perfect OtterBox for the Tour as soon as it is available.

BlackBerry Tour Case Styles

 BlackBerry Tour 9630 Leather Cases
Hard Cases
BlackBerry Tour Skin Cases
Skin Cases
  BlackBerry Tour Leather Cases
Leather Cases
BlackBerry Tour Body Skins
Body Skins


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BlackBerry Hard Cases
BlackBerry Hard Cases are typically made out of materials like hard plastic or metal. They offer great usability and provide more protection against bumps and drops then basic skin cases. Hard Cases do sometime add unwanted "bulk" to a device, but it can be well worth it the first time it hits the pavement.  Some hard cases are designed to work with holsters as well. When combined, you have a great level of protection for your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Skin Cases
BlackBerry Skin Cases are one of the most popular choices for protecting BlackBerry smartphones. While it's technically a "skin" and not a "case" (as you don't need to remove your device from the skin to use it) skins offer better protection against bumps, small drops and scratches than being "skinless".  These also provide good grip thanks to the rubberized texture. Skins are mostly made of flexible silicone or similiar materials.  They come with pre-cut holes for side buttons, camera etc. and are available in multiple colors.  

BlackBerry Leather Case
BlackBerry Leather Cases are a very popular choice for business use or those that are fashion savy.  There multiple varieties of Leather Cases such as side cases, top cases, flip-lid cases and organizer cases.  These cases usually have a magent to activate the BlackBerry's sleeper function.  The side cases hold the device horizontally and have a closure to hold the device.  Top cases hold the device vertically and usually have a closure as well.  Flip-lid cases have a full flap over the front of the device which opens fully so most times you don't have to remove the device in order to use it.  Organizer cases double as a wallet of sorts to allow you to carry extra items like business cards, pens or credit cards.   

BlackBerry Body Skins
BlackBerry Body Skins are made of transparent films and are applied to your BlackBerry like a decal or sticker. They don't provide much protection against heavy drops, but do help to protect your device against scratches without adding any noticeable size or weight to the device.  Some users prefer the natural look, and these skins are nearly invisible when applied.  Some of the higher quality skins are applied with a water mixture and offer a great method of light protection. 

Editor's Favorites's writers are hardcore BlackBerry users, putting their devices to the test every day trying every accessory that comes to market. We asked a few of our writers what their favorite protective casing for the BlackBerry Tour was and they had this to say:

Kevin's Favorite:  "I tend to mix up my cases. Sometimes I like a holster (especially when I'm in an all-business mindset) and for casual outtings I like skins. I'm always a fan of genuine BlackBerry skins, so that'll be the first thing I pick up for my Tour. And then from there a nice leather case, like those offered by RexRegina".

Adam's Favorite:  "I'm a big fan of the Incipio Ultra Light Feather case on my Storm, hopefully they'll crank out something just like it when I pick up the BlackBerry Tour."

Best Selling BlackBerry Tour Cases
We stock all the top cases from manufacturers like Seidio and Otterbox, so you can be sure you'll have the highest quaility protection for your BlackBerry Tour. We'll stock top sellers like Seidio Holsters, Case-Mate Barely There cases and some products from Speck.  Most users love to have at least one case on hand, but for some simply having a body skin does the trick. Check out our full line of BlackBerry Tour 9630 Cases, as well as our large selection of other BlackBerry Tour Accessories.  

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