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15 Jun 2009
11 Jul 2009
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Official OS v5.0.0.1062 for BlackBerry Tour 9630 released by China Mobile

China Mobile released official OS v5.0.0.1062 this weekend for you lucky BlackBerry Tour owners so fire up Desktop Manager and get to upgrading. Even though this is an official OS, be sure to use caution and do a back-up before installing. And if you're not on China Mobile, make sure you delete...

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

BlackBerry Tour owners have kind of been left in the dark when it comes to OS leaks. But, today ends that drought. OS has just sprung up for all you Tour owners who are looking for a new OS. We don't have to tell you this but we will anyways, it's a leaked OS so be sure to back up...

Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 now available from Sprint

Still clinging to that Tour 9630? Looking to upgrade your OS? Well you're in luck. Sprint has released OS for the taking. Its not quite OS 6 (you'll need to upgrade to a Bold 9650 for that) but its an update none the less. If you're on a different carrier just delete the vendor file...

Sprint releases official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

BlackBerry Tour 9630 owners we've not forgotten about you, nor has Sprint. OS has gone official for your device and can now be downloaded direct from the Sprint BlackBerry download page or via OTA. We've known for a while now the update set to arrive. But no that it is here; you might...

Verizon Wireless issuing Bold 9650 as warranty replacement for Tour 9630 (for me at least)

To say I had trouble trying to get an early upgrade to the Bold 9650 would be an understatement. Numerous phone calls and various tactics led me nowhere. I was issued a review unit (that sadly has to be back in two weeks) so I was eager to get my upgrade so I would have a Bold 9650 to use....

Official OS now available from Verizon Wireless for the Tour 9630

  We posted on it earlier today, and it looks like the short wait is over for Tour 9630 users. OS is available now via the wireless update option and for desktop install. Keep in mind you'll need to be running an official OS to be able to see the update on your device. You can check by...

Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 as well?

Sure looks that way. If you head on over to the BlackBerry Tour 9630 software download page, you'll see the above PDF listed when you click on the "Benefits of Software Upgrade" link. While the download appears to of have not been activated yet (still shows OS Verizon looks to be at...

Dragon dictation for email updated - Now supports BlackBerry Tour smartphones

The Dragon for email application is simply put, awesome! I have it on numerous devices (BlackBerry and iPad) and it has never failed with dictating my emails so far. Sure, at first it had some issues with my "aboots" and "eh's" but once you learn to get past that it's pretty sweet. The intial...

Quick Review: Case-Mate ID Case for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]Here is a quick look at the Case-Mate ID case for the Tour 9630. I have to say I was excited to get this one since I really only carry my ID and a credit card when I'm out. I figured having the cards right with my device all the time would be easy and keep...

Official OS Now Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Sprint

If you're a Sprint user and still hanging on to your Tour (maybe waiting on a Bold 9650?) then you're in luck. Today Sprint has officially released OS for the Tour 9630. No notes on whats new and good, but this is a pretty decent upgrade from the carrier's last official OS. You can...

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Tour 9630

Ahh, the BlackBerry Tour. We heard at WES that the Tour branding was no more, so it's great to see that new OS' are still being pushed out. Be it official or leaked, I'm sure Tour owners will enjoy it either way. As with all leaked OS, use caution when loading up. Be sure to back up your data...

Verizon Offering Push-to-Talk "Free for Life" on the BlackBerry Tour 9630

  Verizon's Push-to-Talk service has been active for a few weeks now, and perhaps as a sign of just how many Tour users haven't added the service, Verizon has sent out emails to Tour users letting them know they can get the service free for life. The email states that users need only add the PTT...



Though it bears separate branding altogether, the Tour 9630 is very much the CDMA version of the Bold 9000. Its design stands out significantly on a number of fronts, particularly the solid black trackball, which was previously used in the Curve 8900. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 launched in July 2009.

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