BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 Visual Voicemail Install Files Found Online

We've seen RIM's little mistake with the Facebook posting. Kevin went hands on with it way back in October of 2009 and finally, just like the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 it's been spotted more times then a leopard. Now, here are rolling into February full on and no release of the BlackBerry Tour 2 / 9650 is to be had as of yet. But, thats not to say there isn't still news and rumors to be posted about it.

The keen eyes of the Twitter world provide us with the latest tidbit. Mike Lawson has spotted, which was reported by Berryscoop the installation files for visual voicemail for the BlackBerry Tour 9650 directly on the Verizon servers. No telling exactly how long it's been there or what might one do with it since you can't exactly go out an pick up a 9650. But lets all just hope it's a new edition to the VZW website and it means the BlackBerry 9650 is closer to getting all official like on us.