After recording up our BlackBerry Bold comparison video at BlackBerry 7 Fan Night, RIM's Jeff Gadway and I did up a final video for the night, this time taking a look at the evolution of the full touchscreen experience on BlackBerry Smartphones (thanks again to CrackBerry member the brother for doing the filming!).

With the BlackBerry Bold line representing the best of the traditional BlackBerry form factor and experience, the Torch brand now represents the best of the full touchscreen experience. So the Storm name is officially dead, and that's why you're now seeing two form factors of Torches -- both the slider 9800/9810 and full touchscreen 9850/9860 -- under the Torch brand. Thus the Curve brand for RIM represents entry level BlackBerry Smartphones, which will cover both styles of form factor (and yes, new Curves are definitely on the way soon).

We cover a lot of things in this video, so it's definitely one to watch. We start off with a comparison of the BlackBerry Storm 2 to the new full touchscreen BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 9860, and from there we do a comparison of the Torch 9800 to the BlackBerry Torch 9810, including a web browser head to head. The new Torch is said to be 40% faster at web browsing than BlackBerry 6 (and I think a 100% faster than OS 5), and we definitely saw every percent of that improvement in our initial tests. I can't wait to get some BlackBerry 7 devices to call my own so I can really put them through my standard CrackBerry tests. Maybe it's time for another BBM Stress Test?!!  Enjoy the video!

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