Now available in Bahrain as an addition to VIVA's lineup of BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry Torch sure is getting more and more international appeal by the day. New VIVA customers can pick up the Torch for 275 BD (730 USD) with two months of BlackBerry service included, free of charge. Once the two months are up, unlimited BlackBerry data plans can be had from VIVA for only 10 BD (27 USD) a month for both prepaid and subscription based service plans.

Atop the usual, VIVA also offers a “special number” with its service plan, for no extra cost. To my understanding, a special number is a regular phone number, but the customer gets to decide the digits. For example,  (+973) 12-34-56-78 could be considered a valid special number. All in all, a great package for a reasonable cost. Picking up a Torch in Bahrain anytime soon? Hurry up, as the offer is available for a limited time only!