BlackBerry Torch Apps

Whenever a new BlackBerry device launches, we usually go back to the basics a little bit for all the first time BlackBerry owners in the audience. Of course, while the new app content here is catered towards the BlackBerry Torch, regardless of the BlackBerry device model you own you'll want to check out this list of 20 top BlackBerry apps. These 20 Torch app picks feature both free and paid titles, and all are available in our CrackBerry App Store (download the mobile client here). Lots of good titles are here, like BerryWeather, BerryBuzz, Tether, SmrtGuard, Google Maps and even the new Wallpaper Changer Pro with CrackBerry Wallpapers. Click the image above or follow the links below to discover some solid BlackBerry Torch apps, and if you have other recommendations of essential apps for new to BlackBerry Torch owners to check out, be sure to drop them in the comments! 

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